Jute Spreader Machine

Jute Spreader Machine

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To open and comb the part out of extended jute reeds, our Jute Spreader Machine is deployed. Our machine is blending process on jute material. To transform them in a uniform and even sliver that gets an even use of bunching emulsion. Further, to plan strip like thread, offered machine is extensively demanded. The jute filaments initially enter penetrate the hopper rollers to the moderate chain. This includes grill bars or pins that have a brushing activity on the jute. When the jute material moves to the speedier chain that runs numerous times quicker than the modern chain. In our Jute Spreader Machine, the combining process happens and additionally, inferable to the changes of speed the filaments obtain draft of 10. Furthermore, the material of jute moves to insulating plate where this is splashes with emulsion as well as is moved up through the roll shaper.

Key Features:

  • Draft and lead is more protected and useful
  • Plausibility of fiber infiltration in gill bed
  • Makes elevated caliber jute
  • For varying number and yarn, supplies high manufacturing limit


  • Power H.P. or KW : 10 H.P.
  • RPM : 1440 RPM
  • Production Capacity (For Different Yarn and Count) : 18000 Kg per day at 75% efficiency 

  • 10 H.P. : 1440 RPM
  • Production: 18000kg per day at 75% Efficiency
  • Attached Dust Collection Unit :5 H.P.,440,3 Phase,1440 RPM
  • Delivery Speed : 190 FPM ,Draft 10