Jute Softener Machine

Jute Softener Machine
Product Description

In the procedure of softening, jute is made pileable and soft. Two distinct ways are deployed for softening; deployment of our Jute Softener Machine and decent jute spreader. Normally, with our machine an emulsion plant is deployed to soften and lubricate the gummy and bark material. The plant includes of the jacket, emulsion tank, nozzles, jet sprayer, vat, motor as well as gear pump. Our Jute Softening Plant is favorable for carding process as well. The machine has numerous rollers pairs that are spirally fluted, after that jute runs under the rollers. Meanwhile the jute goes through under some part of rollers, the emulsion is included with a jet or spray. After that, by the delivery rollers, jute material is traveled onto the sheet of delivery.

Key Features :

  • Possesses mechanical loosening jute oiling
  • Spirally fluted rollers pairs
  • Manually fed of material on sheet of feed
  • Comb and open part out when machine is deployed


  • Power In H.P. or KW : 15 H.P
  • RPM : 720 RPM
  • No. of Spindle / Pair :48 Pairs.
  • Production Capacity (For Different Yarn and Count) : 48 Pairs Jute Softener Machine Complete with Spiral and straight Flutted Rollers ( 12000 Kgs. Per Day)

Softer Machine:

  • 15HP Motor
  • 3Phase
  • 440v
  • 48 pair jute softer machine complete with spiral and straight flutted rollers (8000 to 8500kgs. Per day ) Production Capacity in 95% efficiency
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