Sacking & Hessian Loom

Sacking & Hessian Loom
Product Description

Our Sacking & Hessian Loom is a shuttle less weaving loom wherein the filling thread is brought by the shed of twisted threads to the opposite part of the loom through finger-like bearers called blades. One sort has a solitary long blade that ranges over the loom's breadth to convey the filling to opposite side. Another sort has two little blades, one on each side. One cutlass brings the filling thread part of the way by the shed, where it is met by the other blade, which delivers the filling whatever is left of the path over the loom. This sacking hessian loom has function to weave a wide range of threads such as all jute, nylon, span, silk, polyester and cotton, they are adaptable and deliver less sound. Our loom additionally devour less power and give additional toughness and reliable execution for an extended time.

Key Features :

  • Can work on any yarn and has useful weft insertion rate
  • Automatically synchronized with overpressure switch
  • Has elevated torque break engine with one pick reverse and forward
  • Enables weft yarns weaving and averts selvedges snapping

Specification :

  • Hessian Loom : 2 HP Motor ,960 rpm ,440v
  • Production Capacity : 200kgs/days (95% Efficiency)
  • Sacking Loom: 2 HP Motor 960rpm,440v
  • Production Capacity: 180kgs/day(95% Efficiency)
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